Telehouse Success

The Project:

Designed, supplied, installed and commissioned the following:

  • hybrid sprinkler/water mist system (water mist pre-action to data halls and wet pipe to common areas, sprinkler tail-end sets to plant gantries and loading bay canopy and sprinkler pre-action to generator hall)
  • foam deluge system to 4x generator sets (duty/standby tanks) with capacity for expansion to cover additional 4x generator sets
  • dry risers (x2)
  • IG-55 gas suppression system covering 15 rooms (duty/standby banks of 49x 80 litre cylinders each connected to a common manifold and distribution pipework)
  • addressable fire alarm system with graphical head end
  • fire telephone/disabled refuge system with disabled toilet call
  • PA system


EA-RS can confirm a successful completion on the 21st November 2016.