Fire Safety in Construction

Any form of construction involves building processes, hazardous materials and extreme working conditions that can lead to dangerous fire hazards.

fire safety in construction

Fire safety in construction can save lives and property.

For growing business or organisation, expansion is necessary, but it is crucial to follow the latest safety guidelines determined by industry experts.

Experienced fire system professionals will be well-versed in this field, but if you are new to the industry, EA-RS has essential tips to consider when embarking on a new project.

Risk Assessments

It is a legal requirement for any construction site to carry out a fire risk assessment by what is known as the ‘responsible person’ before work begins.

To meet the legislative criteria, the responsible person must show that they have identified specific risks that come with the various construction processes.

Consider anyone who could be affected by a potential blaze, not just employees. Visitors and people in the surrounding areas must be recognised too.

Areas, where there is a high possibility of a fire breaking out, will need additional precautions and measures.

Emergency Procedures

While risk assessments consider the potential hazards, an emergency plan is there to ensure everyone on the premises is safe in case of a fire.

The size of the project does not matter; these procedures are necessary even for the smallest of sites.

The problem with evacuation plans in constructions sites compared to built structures is that there aren’t always clear pathways or exits. People can quickly become trapped without proper precautions in place.

An evacuation route should exist before work has started, and all employees should have a detailed knowledge of it.

Some somebody will need to take on the role of fire marshals, and training will prepare them for the responsibility.

However, construction projects often have continually changing layouts, so the original route may not be suitable. Update emergency plans regularly to fit with the current parameters.

Warning and Fire Suppression Systems

Planning is an integral part of fire safety in construction, ensuring you have the right equipment.

First, you need a fire warning system that is in perfect working order, with audio and visual cues to alert anyone nearby of the fire tested once a week, to ensure they remain effective.

Your risk assessment determines the fire suppression equipment needed and where it should be placed.

This can range from individual fire extinguishers on small sites to fire sprinkler systems on larger projects. Install hand-held extinguishers near high-traffic areas with easy to access for workers.

Different fires need specific fire extinguishers, so identify needs in your risk assessment. After this, regular fire system maintenance must be carried out to detect if any of the equipment is faulty or no longer working.

EA-RS Fire Safety Maintenance and Installation

If you are managing a construction site, you have a duty to ensure the proper systems are in place.

You don’t have to hold the full weight of this responsibility on your shoulders alone.

EA-RS Fire Engineering has helped businesses across the UK safeguard their properties from the threat of fires for over twenty years.

We offer the full range of fire services to ensure the safety of your business. EA-RS are one of only five UK companies to provide electrical and mechanical packages in just one client order.

EA-RS will take care of every aspect, from commissioning and installation to servicing and continued maintenance. We work in multiple sectors, each offering specialised services for different areas of fire safety.

Our Fire Detection and Alarms will alert your staff to a fire, while our Suppression and Water-Mist services help quell potential blazes.

You don’t have to carry out any repairs yourself either; our System Servicing and Maintenance will ensure you’re provided continued support after the initial setup and installation.

Finally, we can also install state-of-the-art Sprinkler systems thanks to the technology of Circum Fire Engineering. If you need a comprehensive set of fire safety applications for your business, EA-RS can help.

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