EA-RS Fire Group Academy

Our business’ have been developed by inclusion and integration of the best trainees, the best of industry management, the best engineers and their back office staff, our excellence in hires and the a culture of excellence and honesty.

This results in an unparalleled level of people and a system of things that drives Intelligent engineering, exceptional installations and an excellent overall service to our customers, but we know we can do more, if we can be this driven and this diligent without an official- real- celebrated learning structure we WILL be untouchable!


Our clients rely on our industry experience to consult with them and provide services to them around their existing fire safety requirements and provide continuous updates on latest technologies, delivery and serviceability of a constantly changing world.


Ensure life safety is continually upheld and our clients fire systems are ready for operation at any given moment in time.

If not:

In contrast to our drive for excellence, if we do not deliver on our promise and allow standards to drop, we are putting lives at risk!!

That’s why we set up our EA-RS Fire Group academy, to enhance and progress young intelligence, and to continue learning as senior management.